8 Trends In Smart Home Technology

Open Kitchen

Smart Homes are Trending. We want our new homes to be as connected as we are. Technology is a tool that has moved from the office, to a mobile device in our pockets, to our own kitchens and bedrooms. Installing “smart home” technology programs can make simple tasks even easier and allow for so much more functionality, but how do you know where to begin?

Here are eight new technology trends to look for when building your new home.

  1. Voice Controlled Speakers – Do you say, “Hey Alexa” or “Hey Google?” No matter which name you yell out, someone is there to help. A smart speaker can play music, read the news, answer trivia, know the commute of your drive to work, make a shopping list, the possibilities are endless and keep small tasks easy and hands-free.
  2. Quality air systems or a “Programmable Thermostat” will control when you need the house cooler during the afternoon hours and a few degrees warmer when the sun has yet to rise. Some programs allow you to change the temperature of the house from your phone or zone in on one room at a time. Having a timer set each day can cut back on energy costs and allows for complete comfort 365 days a year.
  3. Advanced Appliances – You can now watch the Food Network from a screen on your fridge while making dinner in the kitchen. Refrigerators have become so advanced with technology you will always know what food is in your fridge. Washing machines have also entered the tech world with dual wash loads and continuous spin on clothes you may have forgotten about. Now if the clothes would just fold themselves.
  4. Universal connectivity through one device will take seven different remotes and controllers down to one. This system takes away the hassle of switching from watching television to playing a video game to loading Netflix. Various programs can take all cable and streaming sites and put them into one program. One version to try is the Roku.
  5. Smart Door Locks – Safety is important to every home and every family. Installing a smart lock for your front and/or back door will give you full monitoring access from a smartphone or tablet. This allows you to lock the door from the airport if you forgot or unlock it for a friend stopping by.
  6. Home Entertainment Theaters – If you read our latest blog, you would see that entertainment spaces are also moving to the outdoors. With so many options for watching new TV series or action-packed movies, families are looking for the movie theater experience right at home. The new technology trend is to have a projection screen installed over a large television or to hide the TV behind a decorative shelf or frame when not in use. Be sure to have the popcorn nearby!
  7. Environmentally friendly homes can help cut the costs of the electric bill while also helping Mother Nature in return. It is one thing to turn the lights off when leaving a room but newer (and bigger) steps can be taken to get the most out of energy efficiency. Try the roof-top trend and install solar panels. This trend is hot right now because people want to use as much space as they can and no better space to occupy than the roof! If solar panels seem too drastic, try switching to LED smart lights compatible with Bluetooth and smart phone connectivity.
  8. USB Outlets – You fight over them at the airport so why not add these simple outlets to your home. USB outlets can be found at any major hardware store and are a cheap and easy way to give your home a more tech feel. While this trend has been around for about two years now, it is still rare for a new home to have USB ports as the standard. This upgrade is perfect for multiple devices being used at once and avoids the need for bulky charging cubes.

Technology is an ever-changing industry and it can be difficult to keep up, but with the right tools your Founders Pointe home can be even more customized.